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Mkononi Brand
Identity Overview

Mkononi is a cutting-edge mobile payment and financial technology startup based in Kenya, dedicated to revolutionizing digital transactions. The project involves crafting a brand identity that reflects Mkononi’s commitment to providing a seamless and secure payment experience, empowering individuals, businesses, and communities to embrace the digital economy.

  • Mkononi
  • Logo in various formats
  • Color palette
  • Brand pattern
  • Brand collaterals (business cards, letterheads, mockups etc. )
  • Brand style guide

Mkononi is a dynamic and innovative financial technology company based in Kenya. The company aims to empower individuals, businesses, and entire communities into the possibilities of the digital economy.

This set of deliverables aims to provide Mkononi with a cohesive and recognizable brand identity across various touchpoints, enhancing its presence in the rapidly evolving financial technology sector in Kenya.

Project Goals

  1. Create Trust:  To develop a brand identity that instills confidence and trust in users, emphasizing the security and reliability of Mkononi’s services.

  2. Reflect Innovation: To Communicate the cutting-edge technology behind Mkononi’s services, positioning it as a leader in the digital payment space.

  3. Cultural Integration:  To Integrate elements that resonate with the local culture, making Mkononi feel like a natural part of everyday life in Kenya.

  • Who is it for? Mkononi is for individuals, businesses, and communities in Kenya looking for a trustworthy and innovative mobile payment solution.

  • Where does it exist? Mkononi operates in Kenya, contributing to the digital transformation of financial transactions in the region.

  • What kind of business is it? Mkononi is a dynamic fintech startup specializing in mobile payments and financial technology.

  • Why should you care? Mkononi provides a gateway to the limitless possibilities of the digital economy, fostering financial empowerment and seamless transactions.

The Solution

I went deep into understanding the daily lives and goals of the Kenyan people in order to develop a brand identity that expresses the spirit of progress and community while also reflecting technological innovation. My intention was to generate a feeling of warmth and familiarity by utilizing vivid colors that were influenced by Kenyan textiles and patterns.

Every element is designed with the end user in mind, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience.

Recognizing the importance of trust in financial transactions, Mkononi’s branding exudes reliability and transparency.


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